Eucalyptus Scented Soap Coconut Scented Sea Shell Flower Soap Set


Eucalyptus and Coconut Sea Shell and Flowers Soap Set

This set of natural soap comes in a pretty sea shell. There are two bars of soap surrounded by several min flower shaped soap. The two regular sized soap are shaped like a sea shell and a starfish. The scents are Coconut and Eucalyptus.


This is a nice soap set with two regular bars of soap. One bar is shaped like a sea shell one bar is shaped like a starfish. The soap comes in a sea shell surrounded by heart shaped mini soap. The soap is green and white in color. The green soap is scented with Eucalyptus essential oil and the white soap is scented Coconut. This soap makes a lovely decoration. It will also cleanse your skin and give it a light scent. Coconut scented soap will make you feel happy and refreshed. The coconut scent is tropical. The Eucalyptus scent which is given by Eucalyptus essential oil will make you feel refreshed and clean. Eucalyptus essential oil helps to soothe dry skin, reduce migraines and open the sinus cavity for better breathing. Free shipping.


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