Soap Eucalyptus Bulk 24 Bars Soap


Eucalyptus Soap Bulk 24 Bars

This is a box of twenty-four bars of Eucalyptus soap scented with Eucalyptus essential oil and made with natural ingredients. This soap is great for soothing the skin, pampering yourself or giving as gifts. Free shipping.


Eucalyptus essential oil is good for so many things like relieving headaches, clearing your sinuses and soothing dry skin. This is a box of twenty-four bars of Eucalyptus soap. This soap is made with natural ingredients like glycerin and goats milk. The soap is scented with Eucalyptus essential oil. This soap can last you a year if only using two bars of soap per month. This soap can also be shared with family and friends, given as gifts or resold. Each bar of soap is individually wrapped and labeled. This soap makes beautiful gifts for weddings, birthdays, or even to pamper yourself. Free shipping.


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