Lip Balm Coconut


Coconut Lip Balm

Made with natural ingredients Glides on the lips Soothes chapped lips


This wonderful refreshing lip balm comes in a tube that fits easily in your purse. To use simply twist the bottom up and apply to the lips. To make the lip balm last longer, twist opposite way to roll down. Cover with the cap. Keep in a cool place. This lip balm is flavored with the tropical Coconut flavor. This lip balm is made with natural ingredients that will soothe your lips and keep them from getting chapped. This lip balm is made with Coconut oil and Beeswax. This makes the lip balm have a natural slightly sweet taste and to glide on the lips easily. It also contains Aloe Vera which protects the lips from sunburn. Free shipping. There are two tubes of lip balm in this package.


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