Loofah Soap Lavender


Loofah Soap Lavender

Lavender scented Loofah Soap. This soap helps to exfoliate the skin and is scented with Lavender essential oil. This soap is soothing to the skin.


This is a lovely bar of soap that will cleanse you and give you that spa feeling in your own home. This wonderful bar of soap is round and purple in color. It is scented with Lavender essential oil which is soothing to dry skin. Lavender is also known to repel bugs and calm the nerves. This soap has a small Loofah inside it which helps to make it a better soap for scrubbing the body. Loofah is a sponge used in many spas and beauty routines to help exfoliate the skin. This soap will not hurt you, but will soothe your skin and leave it with a light Lavender scent. Free shipping.



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