Natural Shampoo Lavender Mint


Natural Shampoo Lavender Mint

This wonderful cleansing natural shampoo has no chemicals. It is made with Coconut oil, Rosemary and several other natural ingredients. This nice shampoo is scented with the calming happy scent of Lavender and Spearmint.


This 8 ounce bottle of natural shampoo is chemical free. No chemicals means no harsh products which hurt your hair. This natural shampoo is made with Coconut oil which helps hydrate your hair and provide nutrients. It is also made with natural soap to cleanse the impurities in your hair. Rosemary is an important ingredient in this shampoo because Rosemary has so many healthy benefits for restoring and cleansing the hair. Rosemary helps soothe dry scalp. This means less flakes and no dandruff. Rosemary also helps hair to be thick, strong and long. Rosemary also adds shine to your hair. This shampoo is scented with a blend of Lavender essential oil and Spearmint essential oil. Lavender is very good for soothing dry skin and scalp. Spearmint is good for adding natural healing benefits and mostly for the nice scent. This natural shampoo will cleanse your hair and make you feel calm and happy because of the calm scent of Lavender and the uplifting scent of Spearmint. Free shipping.


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