Pink Kitty Spa Gift Set


Pink Kitty Spa Gift Set

Give yourself a home spa treatment with the wonderful bath and beauty products in this cute, pink kitty gift box. Create a relaxing mood with the Gardenia candle. Wash with the soft Crochet Spa Flower Face Cleansing Pad and Honey Lavender Soap. Refresh your dry lips with wonderful, natural lip balm with a sweet flavor of Strawberry.


This lovely spa gift set is perfect for pampering yourself or giving as a gift to someone who deserves some pampering. If you like cats you will love the cute, pink box with a cat’s face. You will really enjoy the items in the gift set. There is a lovely soy candle in a tin scented with the wonderful floral fragrance of Gardenia. There is a floral shaped bar of soap scented with Lavender essential oil. This soap is made with natural ingredients and has a honey base to it which is a wonderful natural moisturizer for the skin. The flower shaped soap has some lovely lavender petals in the soap which can be seen since this soap is clear. Lavender has many healing properties including healing dry skin and getting rid of acne. There is a flower shaped pink Crochet Spa Flower Face Cleansing Pad in this set and a tube of natural lip balm scented Strawberry. Free shipping.


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