Scarf Crochet Blue Pink Lavender


Scarf Crochet Blue Pink Lavender

Lovely handmade scarf crochet with mandala yarn. This scarf is blue, lavender and pink. The colors look beautiful together. This makes a stylish accessory to your outfit. This scarf is long and will keep you warm.


This very nice crochet scarf has been handmade with multi color mandala yarn. This yarn is soft and warm. It will not itch and it will look stylish with whatever outfit you wish to wear. The colors in this scarf are beautiful. There are three very obvious colors in this crochet scarf which are blue, pink and lavender. The blue is a very nice bright clue. It adds a nice contrast to the lavender and pink which go together nicely. Since there are multi colors in this scarf you can wear more outfits to match the scarf. Free shipping.


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