Scarves For Women Crochet, Knit


Scarves For Women Crochet, Knit

This is a box of scarves for women. These scarves are new and handmade. These scarves are pretty and stylish. There are a variety of colors and styles in this box of scarves.


This box is full of beautiful, handmade scarves for women. There are several different style scarves including Double Loop Infinity Crochet Scarves, Knit Scarves, Single Loop Crochet Scarves and more. There are scarves with some sparkle in the yarn such as the red, green and pink double loop scarves shown in the photos. There are also a couple of long crochet scarves that also have some sparkle. There are various colors such as white, red, pink, green, multi color, blue and more. There are scarves with flowers on them such as the red single loop scarf with the white rose shown in the photos. This is a great deal. You are basically getting new, handmade scarves for about $1 each! Grab this before someone else does! Free shipping.


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