Shawls Wraps For Women Crochet Bulk


Shawls/Wraps For Women Crochet Bulk

This is a box of many crochet shawls and handmade wraps for women. Each shawl or wrap has been crochet with various colored yarn such as pink, green, red, multi color and more. This is a great deal. Free shipping. You can resale these wraps and shawls since they are all new, give them as gifts or keep them for yourself. These crochet shawls and wraps are lovely and stylish.


This is a box of handmade, crochet shawls and wraps for women or teen girls. These are beautiful and can be worn in any weather. There are various colors such as red, white, multi color, pink, blue and various other colors of shawls/wraps for women. This is an awesome deal. You can keep all the lovely shawls and wraps for yourself or give some as gifts. Free shipping.


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