Wax Melts

Wax Melts are different than candles. They may be made with the same wax and scent but how they are used is different. To burn or use a candle you light the wick. When the wick can not be lit anymore the candle can not be used. Many times people throw the extra wax left from the candle in the trash. Sometimes they place the left over wax in a candle holder on a candle warmer. When all the wax is used the candle is no more.

Wax melts can be used in a similar way that people may use the left over candle wax. Wax melts are prettier and new. They are not left over candle wax. To use a wax melt just place it on a wax melt warmer or in a candle holder on a candle warmer. Plug the warmer in, turn it on and let the low heat slowly melt the wax melt. The fragrance will be released and when you are finished just turn the burner off. Whatever liquid wax is left in the burner will solidify and you can use the rest of the wax melt later. You can use the wax melt again and again until there is no more wax to melt. Check out our candles and wax melts.

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