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Chamomile Benefits

Chamomile is one of the herbs used for calming and relaxing the mind. It is also used to relieve pain such as headache pain and stomach pain. Women have been drinking hot Chamomile tea for centuries as a natural remedy for menstrual cramps and PMS. Though Chamomile will not completely heal you, it will help your mind and body to get some relief.

Hot Chamomile tea with honey is great for helping to soothe a sore throat. Chamomile soap and lotion is great for the skin. This lovely herb is also soothing to the skin. It helps to heal dry skin and problem skin like acne.

If you want to make Chamomile or any type of herbal tea it is pretty easy. You will need to gather some fresh herbs. Don’t pick the herbs and let them sit for a day. They will become dried herbs and won’t have the fresh flavor and nutrients needed for the tea. Gather the herbs right before you are going to make the tea so they will be fresh. Put the herbs in a pan of water. Boil this and let the herbs steep. Use a strainer to pour the hot tea into the cup or mug you will drink from. The strainer will catch any herbs so you are left with the juices and oils left from the herb. If you would like to sweeten your tea like I do, be sure to use a natural sweetener like honey. If you have a vanilla bean, you may wish to grind this and add some fresh vanilla to your tea. This hot Chamomile tea will help relieve pain and help you to relax.

If you have Insomnia or trouble sleeping you may wish to drink this tea. Chamomile tea is also good for helping to cure anxiety, nervousness and an upset stomach. It also helps to relieve muscle cramps such as leg cramps.

Another way to use Chamomile is to gather some fresh or dried Chamomile and put some under your pillow. You may wish to tie a few sprigs together and lay this on your pillow as you sleep. You may wish to make a sachet with the herbs and put a sachet under your pillow. These sachets are also nice to use in drawers or places that you want to smell better.