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Peppermint Essential Oil

Not all mint essential oils come from the same plant. Peppermint essential oil does not come from the same plant that Spearmint, Wintergreen or Eucalyptus essential oils come from. Since the mint plants are different, they produce different essential oils. Each plant has a specific look, taste and scent. Each plant also effects are bodies in different ways.

Peppermint tea has become popular because it helps to get rid of stomach problems such as cramps and digestion problems. To make Peppermint Tea you should get a fresh peppermint leaf. Add it to a pan of water. Boil this on the stove. Let it steep for fifteen minutes. Use a small strainer as you pour the fresh, Peppermint Tea in your mug or tea cup. It is best to drink this while it is still warm. Sip it slowly and allow your body to digest it. This will also help to warm you up on a cold day. You will also feel relaxed and refreshed.

Peppermint essential oil has a refreshing aroma. This helps to bring mental clarity to our minds. Peppermint oil has many healthy benefits for the body. It relieves indigestion and stomach issues. This essential oil provides pain relief and headache relief. Peppermint essential oil also soothes sore muscles quickly. Essential oil should never be ingested or applied to the skin without being added to something such as a tea or lotion.