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How To Give Your Hair A Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatments are great for any type of hair. It is an easy way to revive your hair. Hot oil treatments cause the scalp to be deeply cleansed which helps fight dandruff. This treatment will also help fight and repair split ends. It will also add a healthy shine to your hair.

Hot oil treatments should only be done once every couple of weeks. You may wish to only do this treatment once a month. You don’t want too much oil in your hair. This treatment can be done at home from items in your own kitchen. This makes it more cost effective and you can keep the oil on hand.

Olive oil is the best oil for this treatment. You can find this at most grocery stores. Make sure to get the pure extra virgin olive oil. If you have very long thick hair like I do you will need 1/4 cup. If you have shorter hair you may use less. Be sure there is enough to cover the hair when you pour it on in the shower.

First measure 1/4 cup or desired amount of extra virgin olive. Place it in a microwave safe mug or container that you may carry to the shower. Microwave slightly about 15-20 seconds. The oil will be warm. Take the container or mug into the shower and apply after washing your hair. Your hair needs to be washed and clean for this to work best.

Slowly pour the olive oil starting at the top of the head. Let it run down to the ends of your hair. When this has been done allow the oil to sit on your hair for at least 15 minutes. Do not rinse. This allows the oil to soak into the hair. It soaks into the scalp and roots which cleanses and strengthens your hair. You will notice a difference after one use but if you do this procedure once a month you will really see a difference after 2 or 3 treatments.

After 15 minutes you may rinse the oil out of your hair with warm water. Be sure to wash your face and skin with a gentle soap. Check our website for more products and helpful tutorials.