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Make Your Own Scented Bath Salt

I have loved bath salt for years. It makes my skin soft and repairs dry cracked skin. It is even more fun when you can make your own. This is a basic recipe for scented bath salt.

You need 1/2 cup of Epsom salt and 5-10 drops essential oil. Essential oil is best because it is natural. It comes directly from plants and makes your skin have a nice light scent. There are different scents that do different things for your body. Mix together the epsom salt and essential oil. Remember a little goes a long way. You only need one tablespoon of bath salt per bath. To store place in a glass container with a tight fitting lid. You may also place in a ziplock bag and store in a dry place such as under your sink in a basket.

You may also place in a ziplock bag and place that in a sachet. You can crochet or knot a little drawstring bag and place the sealed baggie of bath salt in this. It makes a pretty gift or you may use it yourself. You can also store the bath salt this way in drawers of clothing to be used as sachets. This helps remove musty odors and keep clothes smelling fresh. The scent is light and won’t overpower or cause you to sneeze.

If you wish to enjoy a bath that will help you sleep or make you feel calm use Lavender or Vanilla essential oil when making your bath salt. Add a tablespoon to your warm bath and enjoy a calming soak.

If you want a bath to energize you and make you feel refreshed use Lemon, Citrus or Peppermint essential oil when making your bath salt. Peppermint is very good for awakening the senses and making you feel happy.

For a romantic bath just use an essential oil that has a nice romantic scent.
Men may want to soak in Sandalwood or Patchouli bath salt. Women may want to use Plumeria or rose bath salt. This is perfect for a date night. It leaves your skin softer and with a light scent.

If you have extra dry skin or bruised skin you may wish to soak in a healing bath. Essential oil to make this bath salt would be Lavender or Eucalyptus. These essential oils have many healing properties and will help lighten bruised areas. It also helps to soften even the bottoms of feet which get very dry from walking around. Remember to use a gentle soap when washing. Check out our website for more natural products and tutorials.