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Lovely Lavender Fun Facts

Lavender is not only a beautiful flower but it has many healthy benefits. Did you know that some people eat the Lavender plant? Well, they do. There are different ways to use Lavender in your food. Lavender is known to be calming to the mind and a good bug repellent. There are many benefits for the skin from Lavender.

As far as cooking goes I have never cooked food with Lavender. I have known some people who have used it to make Lavender ice cream. I have also known some who drink Lavender tea. This tea is made by picking some fresh Lavender and allowing it to steep in a pan of boiling water on the stove. When it has steeped for fifteen to twenty minutes, you may remove the pan and it’s contents from the stove. You may put a small strainer over a mug or teapot. Pour the tea in the strainer and allow the liquid to get in the cup. Now you have Lavender tea without the flowers in the way. You may drink this just how it is or add a little honey to sweeten. Many cooks garnish their food with Lavender flowers. It looks pretty and they say it gives the food a light Lavender taste. Some add it to their salad and have a Lavender salad.


Lavender is known to have many beauty health benefits. Some traditions form long ago in Rome and Egypt are still practiced in the U.S. and other parts of the world. One of these traditions was to make Floral or Lavender Water. Floral water can be made with Roses, Honeysuckles and pretty much any flower you want. Get some fresh flowers, like Lavender. Put the Lavender in a container with water. put a lid on it and store overnight. When you open it the next day you will notice the lovely Lavender aroma. You may splash it on your skin to be used as a natural perfume. You may also wish to pour a little in your warm bath or add some Lavender flowers to your bath.

Lavender essential oil is used in many bath products such as soap and lotion because of it’s benefits for the skin. It can soothe dry skin, help clear up acne, reduce dark circles, heal scrapes and bruises and repel bugs. Many people put a Lavender plant outside their home to keep ants and mosquitoes away. Some people will place a few drops of Lavender essential oil, which comes directly from the Lavender plant, in a bowl of hot water. They will inhale this a little at a time to reduce stress and headaches.