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Wow Rosemary Essential Oil Is Gold

Someone had asked me to make a natural shampoo with Rosemary essential oil. Years ago I thought Rosemary was just an herb used for cooking. Now I know how beneficial it is. The reason some people want a shampoo with Rosemary essential oil is because it has so many benefits for the hair. It helps the hair to grow longer and thicker. It adds shine and the best benefit to me is that it helps to clear dandruff or dry scalp issues. With all the practical uses for Rosemary essential oil it is getting very popular and hard to find in stores. I was looking online to buy it and found that the price has went way up. Instead of buying 2 ounces for 6.95 it is now 17.95. This is why I say if you have essential oil or know how to make it from the Rosemary plant it is like gold. There are also some medical and mental issues Rosemary oil helps with like fighting depression and reducing earaches.

Rosemary can be combined with other essential oils to make some really nice skin care and soap. Lemon, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Lavender and Orange are just a few other essential oils that combine well with Rosemary essential oils. Rosemary helps reduce dry skin. There are numerous ways to use Rosemary essential oil to benefit you.